EU Intervention in the Water Sector in Lebanon

The steady influx of refugees from Syria to Lebanon has changed significantly the usual assumptions under which the European Union's cooperation framework with Lebanon was operating until early 2013. In fact, in most parts of the country, hosting the refugees has severely stretched the economic and social resources of the Lebanese communities which already suffered from poverty.

The huge number has increased the demand for water. In the water and waste water sectors, the EU is thus currently financing infrastructure projects worth 80 Million Euros, mainly in the Bekaa valley and Northern Lebanon.

The EU is assisting the Lebanese Government in order that vulnerable people have improved access to clean and safe potable water and improved sanitation infrastructure, and their health conditions are being improved.
The projects funded by the European Union will indirectly also decrease tensions and conflicts resulting from the limiting resources between the host communities and the Syrian refugees.

In parallel to these infrastructure projects, the EU continues accompanying the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Water Establishments through the SISSAF Programme (Support Programme for Infrastructure Sector Strategies and Alternative Financing) totalizing 9 Million Euros.
In addition, the EUD (EU Delegation) co-chairs the bi-monthly Water Sector Coordination Group meetings with the Ministry of Energy and Water and the donor community.

Projects related to Water financed by the EUD in Lebanon Budget
1 Upgrading Water Supply Facilities for Communities in Lebanon affected by the Consequences of the Conflict in Syria 14,8 million Euros
2 Support for Water and Sanitation in the Bekaa 3 483 020 Euros
3 Improving access to safe drinking water for Lebanese and Syrian refugees communities in Northern Lebanon 2 900 000 Euros
4 Improving infrastructure and support to the agro-food economy in Bekaa region for a better access of both refugee and host communities to basic resources 2 499 409 Euros
5 Mashta Hammoud Sewage pipe network and Waste Water Treatment Plant 1 814 850 Euros
6 Improving access to water and sanitation services in hosting communities affected by the Syrian crisis in the North Bekaa Valley 1 903 509 Euros
7 Water infrastructures rehabilitation for rural communities in Akkar district 1 400 000 Euros
8 Chtaura Water Network Rehabilitation and Expansion Project 1 162 810 Euros
Grants related to Water offered by EUD to Lebanon Budget
1 Mashta Hassan, Chadra Sewage Pipe Network, Waste Water Treatment Plant and Pipeline Capacity Extension in Mashta Hammoud 3 million Euros
2 Improving Access to safe Drinking Water in South Lebanon 2 641 680 Euros
3 Improving Efficiency, Availability and Management of Water Resources in South Lebanon 2 444 451 Euros
4 Enhancing Safe Water Supply and Waste Management for the Vulnerable Population affected by the Syrian Crisis in South Lebanon 2 345 382 Euros
5 Access to Basic Services for the Vulnerable Population in Lebanon 2 million Euros
6 Improving water supply and water access in crisis affected areas of Akkar 1 950 000 Euros
7 Water infrastructures constructions for rural communities in Akkar district 1 800 000 Euros