Water infrastructures rehabilitation for rural communities in Akkar district

Akkar District, North Governorate, Lebanon

Project objectives
The overall objective of the present project is to improve the population’s living conditions affected by the Syrian crisis in the Akkar district (in North Lebanon).   
Project Summary:    The project targets Aarida and Cheikh Zeinad villages in Akkar district, both situated close to the Syrian border on the sea side and suffering from high urgent needs in terms of access to safe water, because there is no existing water supply network and the sewage networks are heavily damaged. Through this project, 2 water networks will be constructed with the help of the local population. 390 houses will be connected to the water supply networks, granting the residents access to a good quantity and quality of water.

Activities achieved
In Cheikh Zenad, the water network, the borehole and pumping stations are completed, and house connections as well as the construction of the reservoir are in the process of being achieved, they will be finished mid-march. 
In  Aarida, the borehole is completed, and most of the network installed.

Total duration of the project
2 years. 

Starting date of the project    
August 1, 2014.

Project Budget
1 400 000 Euros.

Website of the implementing authority

Office address of the project  
Paragon Building
Sassins square 
3rd Floor

Contact details of a focal person in the project
Focal person: Jean-Bernard Bouvier, Head of Mission Lebanon 

Voices of the beneficiaries    
Approximately 10 residents from the villages are hired on a daily basis to implement the works. In this picture, Mohammad with the yellow hat) sits with the project team and other residents of Cheikh Zenad who are hired through the cash for work activity: “Thanks to this project, I have a regular cash input and I am learning new skills that will help me to find work.”