Support for Water and Sanitation in the Bekaa

Taalabaya, Ablah Municipalities, Bekaa, Lebanon

Implementing authority   
World Vision. 

Location(s) of the action   
Ablah Municipalities, 
Bekaa Region 

Project objectives
The overall objective of this action is to mitigate the risk of mortality and morbidity related to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene through the provision of and access to safe water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene services among the target population of the Lebanese host community and Syrian refugees. 

Project Summary 
The project aims at expanding municipal water networks and promoting hygiene and water conservation awareness in Ablah and Taalabaya. The Project will construct a total of 33 km of water lines and connect 5 674 households, accordingly. In addition, a mass media campaign and hygiene promotion for children and households will be implemented targeting a total number of 37 000 beneficiaries, both Lebanese and Syrian. 
Activities achieved:    The project developed information material, finalized the design of the water network to be installed or rehabilitated in Ablah and Taalabaya, conducted the tender for the construction works in Ablah and Taalabaya and trained Mother Action Groups to conduct school awareness sessions. 

Total duration of the project    
31 months.

Starting date of the project:  
September 1, 2014.

Project Budget:    
3 483 020 Euros. 

Website of the implementing authority

Office address of the project
Villa Sinyora, 
Mountazah Beit Mery, 
El Maten

Contact details of a focal person in the project  
Paul Skayem, Project Manager
Phone number: +96176096644