Improving access to water and sanitation services in hosting communities affected by the Syrian crisis in the North Bekaa Valley

Bekaa Valley, North Lebanon, Lebanon

Project objectives  
The project aims at serving the refugee and resident population by improved water supply infrastructures, raising awareness of the target population about the importance of creation and maintenance of a safe and sustainable environment and increasing technical capacity of the local authorities.   

Project summary    
The project is providing potable water to three villages by improving their water supply infrastructures and promoting, in collaboration with Bekaa Water Establishments, water demand management approach and subscriptions, as well as conducting social activities to raise awareness about the importance of cost recovery and decreasing non-revenue water.

Activities achieved
On the social level, the project conducted a survey in 5 relevant municipalities that targeted 900 households and 106 commercial water users and published the survey results. Gatherings with people from the community have been organised to discuss outcomes of the survey. The project team facilitated the dialogue between Bekaa Water Establishment and municipalities from one side, and from the other side, between Bekaa Water Establishment and the communities (public meetings).  
Focus groups with different actors from the community (activists, women and youth) discussed water and waste water problems and their suggested solutions, cost recovery problem and service responsibility.
Training has been conducted for teachers of public and private schools in order to let them discover new teaching and learning techniques and support the project. Environmental clubs in the targeted schools have been created during the awareness campaign about water conservation, proper water uses and cost recovery and training sessions have been organised for young persons to manage the clubs.   
Active citizen training has also been conducted in two municipalities for women and youth to make them more active in their community and to gain their support for the awareness campaign. 
Three bimonthly newsletters have been published to keep the communities aware about progress of civil work and social ongoing activities. A Facebook page has been created to share information and activities with the community:
On the infrastructural level, a well has been dug in Zabboud (413 m) to provide water for Zabboud and Bejeje-Jabouleh. Civil work in Zabboud distribution network (around 9 km) has been launched and partially accomplished, as well as Bejej-Jabouleh main distribution line which has been partially constructed.

Total duration of the project  
30 months. 

Starting date of the project  
August 1, 2014.

Project Budget 
1 903 509 Euros.

Website of the implementing authority

Office address of the project    
First floor. 
Antoun Nasser Blg.
Jdaideh - North Bekaa.

Contact details of a focal person in the project    
Focal person : Michele Pierpaoli, Project Manager.
Phone number: +96178833053.