Improving Access to safe Drinking Water in South Lebanon

Municipalities of Kfarfila, Kfarroummane, and Mayfadoun,Nabatiyeh, Lebanon

Project objectives  
The project objective is to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of Syrian refugees and host communities in South Lebanon through the enhancement of essential water services and specifically to enhance the access to safe drinking water for Lebanese and Syrian refugee’s communities in the District of Nabatiyeh.

Project summary 
The project will:

  • identify the location, drill and equip 3 new wells in Kfarfila, Kfarroummane, and Mayfadoun; 
  • build and equip 2 complete pumping stations (in Kfarfila and Mayfadoun);
  • build a regional reservoir (2000 m3)  in Kfarroummane connecting it to the existing water station; 
  • provide and install piping to connect the wells to the pumping stations and/or to the existing water networks (all municipalities). 

Activities achieved till January 2016   
The design of the water facilities and the supervision of the works have been completed. 

Total duration of the project
The project duration is 24 months. 

Starting date of the project
The project started in October 2015.

Project Budget  
2 641 680 Euros.

Website of the implementing authority

Office address of the project    
Ivory Center, block C, 1st floor
Abbassiye Road

Contact details of a focal person in the project    
Project Coordinator:    Ciro D’Acunzo
Phone number:     +96176736399