Improving access to safe drinking water for Lebanese and Syrian refugees communities in Northern Lebanon

El Fouar, Northern Lebanon, Lebanon

Project objectives
The project objective is to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of Syrian refugees and host communities in North Lebanon through the enhancement of basic water infrastructure and specifically to enhance the access to safe drinking water for Lebanese and Syrian refugee’s communities in El Fouar Municipality, and to ensure availability of water fulfilling quantitative and qualitative standards.

Project summary  
The project will construct a new water supply system to serve the whole population living at El Fouar. The population living in El Fouar Municipality will be informed and aware about the new service provided and sensitized about the need to contribute to its sustainability. The staff of North Lebanon Water Establishment (technicians and managers) will finally be adequately trained on proper Operation and Maintenance and Management of the new water infrastructure and service.

Activities achieved    
Activities related to the water supply system execution and those addressed to the target community have been carried on in parallel. The population has been informed about the overall action under implementation through two introductory meetings, organized in coordination with the Municipality. Moreover, in order to properly plan the following social activities, a mapping exercise has been conducted, getting accurate data on the number and social stratification of all the households living in the El Fouar territory, delivering at the same time a brief on the project activities. Afterwards, a baseline “Willingness to Pay” survey has been conducted among a representative sample of the target population to assess their actual interest towards the project and to define a strategy for the social activities in order to ensure financial sustainability to the project.
A consultancy company for the design of the whole water system has been selected through a local open tender, and the design accomplished. Another consultant has been assigned the undertaking of the Initial Environmental Examination as requested by the Lebanese environmental legal framework, which has been completed and approved by the Ministry of Environment. The contract related to the drilling, casing and testing of one water well, has been awarded. The borehole has been executed and the results are highly encouraging (tested yield equal to 50 l/sec for a well’s depth of 373 m).

Total duration of the project    
The project duration is 32 months, from August 2014 until March 2017.

Starting date of the project    
August 2014.

Project Budget   
2 900 000 Euros.

Website of the implementing authority

Office address of the project
Sally Building 2nd and 7th floor – DammWalFarez
Tripoli – Lebanon 
Phone number: + 9616410974

Contact details of a focal person in the project 
Focal person: Silvia Beccacece
Phone number: +96170462943