Access to Basic Services for the Vulnerable Population in Lebanon

Municipalities of Aamaret El Baykat, Quoshlok, Akkar district, North governorate, Lebanon

Project objectives
The overall objective of the action is to guarantee that access to water supply in Aamaret El Baykat, Quoshlok and Wadi El Hor is safe, and managed effectively by the North Lebanon Water Establishment.

Project Summary
The residents of Aamaret El Baykat, Qoshlok and Wadi El Hor have no access to public water, despite plans to have them integrated into a regional system for many years. The project will establish a secure water source, verify the existing infrastructures and install the supply network. A sense of local ownership of the water system will be created, offering a mechanism to support its long-term maintenance. Capacity building will be conducted for both the North Lebanon Water Establishment and the local water committee to promote sustainable water management practices.

Activities Achieved
The project is in its planning phase.

Total duration of the project
24 months.

Starting date of the project
January 1, 2016.

Project Budget  
2 million Euros.

Website of the implementing authority

Office address of the project
Masraa Star Tower
4th floor  
Damascus road

Contact details of a focal person in the project  
Cyril Blin, Country Director
Phone number: +96176891428